Freebie Friday: Brighten Up Your Winter Blues

Freebie Friday: Brighten Up Your Winter Blues

Winter is settling in and bright Summer evenings are fading fast. That doesn't mean you have to stay at home though. Freebie hunters of have found that you can get four months worth of free dining cards, a free Beethoven music download, free Argan oil, and free Belgian chocolate to help brighten up your Winter blues.

4 Months of Free Dining Cards

First, you can get a 30-day free trial with Tastecard. They have discounts at over 1,500 restaurants including all the most popular high street brands. Second, The Gourmet Society Card offers another 30-day free trial. They have both famous chains and hundreds of local independents as well as cinema discounts. And third, taking you over Christmas into the new year, you can get a 60-day free trial of Hi-Life Diners Club.

Free Beethoven Album

After your relaxing evening out, melt to the music of Beethoven. Members of have found that the Open Music Library gives a free music download each week. This week, it's Beethoven's Symphony No. 4. Let the live recordings of real orchestras playing take you away.

Free Argan Oil

To help you fully unwind at home, try a free sample of natural and organic Argan oil. With wonderful health properties, you can use it a massage oil, in your hair or even in your cooking. Simply Argan is giving everyone a free sample here.

Free Belgian Chocolate

After (or perhaps whilst) eating out, listening to Beethoven, and enjoying Argan oil, try some of Callebaut's finest Belgian chocolate for free. If you fancy making some chocolate of your own or dabble in chocolate making professionally, Callebaut is happy to send a sample to you of their exquisite chocolate.