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How to save money on travel: Kayak Explore Map

How to save money on travel: Kayak Explore Map

Do you want to save money on your travel? Use the Kayak Explore map to find destinations within your budget.

Kayak is a travel price comparison engine for flights, hotels and more. When looking at saving money on flights it has two unique distinctions:

  • Kayak Explore Map
  • Kayak Hacker Fares

Let's start with the Explore Map

Unlike other price comparison engines for flights, here you can see a map of the world and the options available to you within your budget.

If you only have £20 to spend on a return flight, where can you go? If you have £50, £70, £100, where can you go?

Let's go to Malaga, Spain


Kayak then checks for the most recent prices across all the airlines and shows you the cheapest. You'll be familiar with this.

There are some nifty tools though that other comparison sites don't have:

  • Advice - On the top left hand side (when using Kayak on desktop), you'll see a price history graph and trend analysis. This tells you if you're buying at a cheap time of year, or expensive.
  • Fee Calculator - You can also update the prices for the amount of baggage you're using and the payment method. This removes any hidden surprises at the end.


There's also the option to sort the results by the journey arrival time. I'm a big fan of booking night flights so you sleep on the plane. Kayak let's you do that.

Hacker Fares

I said at the beginning there are two defining features of Kayak's flight comparison engine. The first was the explorer map. The second, in my opinion, is better: hacker fares.

In the list of search results Kayak will show you when two single flights are cheaper than one return flight.


This is a brilliant feature. Hacker Fares allow you to find cheaper flights and more flight times that would not otherwise be available.

Any options will automatically appear in your listings, although they are rare. When you do choose to book via a Hacker Fare, you'll need to buy seperate tickets for each leg of your journey. This is a great way to save money on your travel.

Try Kayak now and save money on travel

18 January 2017, 2:31 pm
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