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REVEALED: Top Secret Tesco Now App

REVEALED: Top Secret Tesco Now App

  • Tesco Now is a top secret app 
  • Instant delivery with no minimum spend 
  • FREE: order just one item (glitch?) 
  • Step-by-step on how to get it 

I have discovered a top secret Tesco app. It's called Tesco Now and it gives you instant delivery with no minimum spend. 

Plus, the delivery is free.

I ordered a single bottle of beer and it arrived still cold. No added cost. 

  • Note - I think this is for London only, but have not fully verified

What is Tesco Now?

Tesco Now is a secret app that's not yet available to the public. There has been no mention of it since 2015 when the supermarket trademarked the name.

The app lets you order a limited range of groceries, similar to what you can find at a Tesco Express:


How is Tesco Now different?

This is different because delivery is instant - within 60 minutes. When I placed an order for a single bottle of beer (remember, no minimum spend) it said delivery would be within 60 minutes.

I could then see the order being processed with live updates as it was being processed and then delivered.

This is what the home screen says:


How does Tesco Now delivery work?

Delivery is currently free. I believe this is a glitch, or a temporary fact. When I placed an order I did not pay an additional fee for delivery. 

I also tested it with other products such as paracetamol and chocolate and it worked just as well. 

Here you can see that delivery is free:


As you can see in the screenshot above the delivery charge is free. You an order a single item and get it delivered instantly. 

For the future, it's good to note that there is £8.00 crossed out next to it. However, when looking at the Tesco Now app description (I'll tell you how to get it next) there are other prices mentioned:


In the screenshot above, you can see that the prices are different - £5.99 for 60 minutes or £4.99 for 2 hours delivery. I got mine delivered in 30 minutes for free.

How to get Tesco Now

First, a warning - this is not straight forward. Tesco Now is not yet available to the public. 

But you can get it. You just have to know how. The app is available for "testing" and if you follow these step-by-step instructions you too should be able to get it - unless they shut it down.

There are three steps:

  1. First, you need to install a special app on your phone that developers use to test their apps. For Android, install HockeyApp. For Apple iOS, download TestFlight from the App Store.
  2. Second, you need to send an email to "operations.tesconow@uk.tesco.com" with either "I'd like Tesco Now for Android" or "I'd like Tesco Now for iOS" in the subject. This is an automated service, so you must use those words.
  3. You will then receive an automated email response within 48 hours with a unique link to download Tesco Now through HockeyApp or TestFlight.

More information


Tesco Now seems to only work in London. I tried with various post codes around the UK, and only managed to get addresses from Zones 1 & 2 to work. 

The instant delivery service is done by Quiqup, a third-party courier. Someone gets your order on an app, personally goes into a Tesco store, purchases your items and then cycles them to you as quick as possible.

This is how I discovered it in the first place - I spotted a Quiqup courier with Tesco carrier bags and asked them about it. 

Why would I use Tesco Now?

First, because the delivery is currently free (subject to change), it doesn't make sense not to. Why walk to the shop when you get it for the same price delivered! 

Second, there are many examples of why you might need just one thing really quickly. When you're ill, perhaps you really need paracetamol. Or perhaps you forgot that vital ingredient. Or worse, you're out of loo roll.

What do you think of it? 

What do you think of Tesco Now? Will you try it? Maybe just order a single chocolate bar and see what happens! Can you think of an example of when it may be handy? Share your thoughts in the comments below - and send this article to any friends who may live in London.

p.s. If you spot any errors or have trouble getting the app, just write a comment and I'll try to help.


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May 17, 2017, 8:51 AM
What do you think of this?
Ceebersover a year ago

Impressive if you are in the postcode area. Nice one...

RamyaPalanisamyover a year ago

You are good 😊

over a year ago

Give it a go if you can RamyaPalanisamy! I'd love to know what other people manage to get and also if it works beyond places I've tested.

Delboysdealsover a year ago

this is fabulous for london well done Tom and latest deals brill find

Bikywanderover a year ago

wish i was even remotely closer to london

over a year ago

Think of the uses!

  • Late night chocolate cravings
  • Your party has ran out of alcohol
  • Emergency hungover fry-up ingredients
  • You've ran out of salt/sugar
  • The batteries in your remote/game controller/clock just died

Now we just need Tesco Now country wide 👍

Karyyyover a year ago

Thanks Guys! Worked a treat, lunch delivered to my desk and got a free carrier bag! My delivery guy was super nice too, he went to 3 different Tesco's to try and find the carton of juice I was after but was unsuccessful in the end. Refunds are made automatically!

zuziemeggsover a year ago

This is amazing! I've sent off an invite request. Thanks so much about this. Will let you know if it works and when I use it!

duchovny6over a year ago

When i have downloaded the Hockey.App but then try to install it, it just keeps closing. Ive checked the settings on my phone and its set to accept unknown sources. I've tried several times but no change same thing happens each time i try.

over a year ago

Thanks for the feedback. Are you able to see the version number of the app you're using?

duchovny6over a year ago

Tom i finally got it installed by perservering, made an order and was delivered within 18minutes. Then came an update, took forever to do as i ended up with the same problem when i first tried to install the app, got it to eventually updated.

martinrosenover a year ago

Wonder why only certain London postcodes are used? I am NW9 but that is not there ;-( (I have a friend in NW2 who would receive a delivery for me ... but that is not included either !).

over a year ago

Hey I would say it's worth trying - these are only the post codes we know that work, but we haven't tried every one yet!

duchovny6over a year ago

If you have the app installed try to get a delivery, if you haven't already tried. They say their adding postcodes all the time and they just released an update to the app so who know's.

over a year ago

Update - The app is now officially launched on the iOS and Android app stores. Delivery costs £7.99 for a 1 hour window and £5.99 for a 2 hour window.

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