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Chat guidelines

We want the chat section to be a fun, friendly place where members can talk with each other. With that in mind we do have some guidelines to keep things running smoothly:

Make sure it's not a duplicate: Please keep new topics original. Your post will be removed if the topic has been posted before. Have a search before you create something and check that there isn’t already a topic discussing what you want to talk about. If we find a similar existing topic then we’ll remove the duplicate or merge the two.

Descriptive titles: When writing a title please make it clear and descriptive so other members can quickly see if it’s a topic they’re interested in or could help with.

There are certain topics we don't allow in chat or on LD generally:

Political and religious conversation - this was a tough decision, please see this chat topic as to why we've introduced this. Any hint of racism, personal questions of religious orientation, or unnecessary and impolite comments may result in immediate suspension.

Topics which may turn ugly - Latest Deals is a public money-saving forum and we welcome constructive, relevant discussion. However, we are a very small team. We do not have the resources available similar to the likes of Facebook or Google to monitor all comments and conversations. Very occasionally then, and with our apologies, we may close comments on topics we think may turn ugly.

Specific questions or issues with your LD account - please check our help section first then search chat to see if we’ve already answered this before. If you still need help:

  • If you think your question (and the answer we give) will help other members please create a chat topic
  • If your question is specific to you please contact us instead

Disagreements with other members: We totally get it - some members may not be your cup of tea. In the first instance we’d recommend you try our mute function. If you visit their profile you can choose to mute them so that you do not have to see their comments. Failing that, please send us a message via the contact form with details of the problem so we can investigate. Generally speaking naming and shaming other members doesn’t end well and with the aim of keeping LD a positive place these messages will be removed. Accusations should be made privately to us via the contact form. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of trolling or bullying. Members who are rude or abusive may be banned without warning.

Spam: Please use Chat for genuine discussion. We consider frequent repetitive posts such as 'This vs That?' or 'What's Your Favourite?', topics copied from the past, or frequently asking for opinion on news items to be spam. Your Chat topics may go into moderation. Please also take part in the discussions you create and reply to those who have responded. Once in a while is OK, three times a day, every day is not.

Points Abuse: Chat is a place for members to come together and enjoy genuine discussion. If you're posting Chat topics for the sole purpose of acquiring your daily points allowance, and not engaging with the replies, we may consider this points abuse. Your chat topics may go into moderation. Generally speaking, please use Chat for its purpose: to Chat.

Please keep things positive: By all means have healthy debate and discussion but if it slips into insults or arguments we will remove the comments or topic. This may include consistent negative criticism. We try not to take sides in arguments and so will remove entire conversations rather than decide which member is in the right or wrong.

The Question Has Been Answered: If the Chat post is a question, comments may be closed after it has been satisfactorily answered. This is to best serve the author of the question, and to prevent the post drifting off-topic.

Off-topic conversation: Please keep to the topic of the original discussion - if the topic or a comment sparks a new idea or thought feel free to create a new topic to discuss it 🙂

If a member continually breaks these rules we may have to restrict their ability to comment or, in extreme cases, ban an account. We’ll generally try and avoid this and seek alternative solutions first though!

Enjoy! The chat section has brought a lot of fun and laughs to our members and the LD team.

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