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69% off on Cooling Memory Foam Pillow


Did anyone buy any of these pillows. I did and was not impressed so I am returning them. They arrived in a grey plastic bag with no internal protection at all. I was surprised at this but it is the reason I was returning them.

So did anyone buy them and if so were they deilivered in similar packaging?

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend10 months ago

I was going to buy them but in the end I did not. To me they just did not look right. And in the photo it did look like t here was no cover. Your right to send them back. If I need a cooling Matt I put a hot water bottle filled with cold water. Hour or so be for I go to bed. Then I take out and the pillow is lovely and cool. It's cheaper then buying the pillow. Hope will help you.

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