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Accidental Freebie?

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I'll start off. Last year I accidentally got a freebie from b&m. Lamp that looks exactly like the one in current deals only mine has a speaker. Took me a while to figure out how I managed to come home with such a large item but this is the only reasonable thing I could come up with.

Someone returned the lamp at the till I was about to use, it sat next to the bags, when my stuff went through, the bagger put the lamp in with my stuff.

Long story short I kept it. Convinced myself it was a reject but over a year later its probably outlasted the items I paid for that day!

19 days ago
What do you think of this?
Dennab19 days ago

I accidentally stole a whole bunch of stuff from Tesco once and by stuff, I mean grapes so not a particularly life changing moment I'm afraid. I know the owners of B&M but promise not to tell them you have their lamp. I'm glad you shed some light on how it happened though.

tumblespots19 days ago

I have ever known anyone to pack for me in B&M and, in fact, hate people doing my packing generally as they are never as careful as I am myself. 🐞

MrsCraig19 days ago

My mum once got a free suitcase, the cashier was so concerned with checking that my mum hadn't put anything in the suitcase, basically make sure she wasn't stealing, that she forgot to scan the suitcase, so my mum ended up a £100 suitcase for free. This was 15 years ago and she still has the suitcase.

AliceBell6446819 days ago

A few months ago I bought some make up from Boots and thought I had got a great deal when my bill was less then expecting and I quickly hurried out the store to check my receipt, turns out I got 3 for 2 offer 😂

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