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Amazon Paid £492 Million in Tax Last Year - as Sales Hit £20.6 Billion

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I am sure this post will be removed as being too political.

But I think it's a disgrace. Amazon only pays tax on profit not sales which is why it is so low. I was going to order something on Amazon but have changed my mind & I will buy it else where. I know my boycott won't last, it didn't last time back (2012) due to the convenience. Unlike my boycott on Starbucks, which continues to this day. Pay your taxes people!

To ensure you have a balanced view I am including the link and also mentioning that the are a large employer , employing more than 55,000 plus they have invested in warehouses etc.


I have no option on how much tax I pay as it is taking out at source, plus MPs have just voted for a tax increase.

What are you views.


a week ago
What do you think of this?
stuartsmith544a week ago

Its a weird 1 which your right to be disgusted that they get away with it but then we are all guilty of purchasing with them .

We contribute to them not paying tax so we are on a par with being as bad .

I just hope while the tax rise is done I do think they need to be remembered that if they turn it into a habit of promising 1 thing at an election and then using any excuse to break that promise . I do understand there reasoning to do this but I think there are other options.

Pjrana week ago

At least they can’t escape from their employer NI contributions so our taxman will at least get that.

BonzoBananaa week ago

You pay corporation tax on the profit not the sales. I think profit in Europe for Amazon is still a lowish margin as they are still growing and investing heavily in their European operation including UK so its not going to have a huge amount of profit to tax but as more competitors disappear Amazon will ramp up prices and be far more profitable in the long term. They are playing the long game. Of course its hugely damaging for a such a large foreign owned company to have so much of the UK and European markets and the long term outlooks is even more bleak.

As a country people don't give a damn really about the economy, they import hugely expensive cars, take expensive foreign holidays and send a huge percentage of wages out of the country causing economic damage but the same people are often very vocal about reducing public services, state of the roads etc. Their focus is always on themselves. Unfortunately the politicians are equally stupid and damaging to the country they simply keep borrowing to make up the shortfall in income hence are huge debts and terrible trade deficit. Amazon are just a small part of the problem. Ultimately the real problem is the incompetence and naivety of politicians and ourselves.

Lynibisa week ago

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just pay tax on what is left (profit) after paying all our overheads.

Lots of people would end up being tax exempt after paying all their bills and living costs, and I don't mean luxuries like booze and cigarettes or designer clothing etc.

SarahHorsfielda week ago

Th k I spent i spent 13 billion of that 😂

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