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Amazon and Scam Sellers

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I posted a topic a few weeks back regarding a pencil case I found selling on amazon for over £5k! Leading on from this I have always felt that for the size of company Amazon is worldwide they should really have some sort of team who monitor what “sellers” are posting & the ludicrous prices they are clearly making up as they go along!

Does anyone know if they do have employees for this and some are just slipping through the net?

15 days ago
What do you think of this?
Imnotcheap15 days ago

I don't know but the way prices shoot up near Christmas I doubt it

sunny10115 days ago

I saw your topic and davidstockport gave a very good reason why this is done on your thread. Perhaps Amazon as well as ebay are well aware of the practice and turn a blind eye. It makes sense.


davidstockport15 days ago

The practice of offering out of stock goods at exorbitant prices (as I've explained elsewhere is to avoid the expense of relisting items, when they become available again) is quite legitimate and not the least bit shady.

No person in their right mind is going to attempt to buy at the inflated price, and even if they did the sale probably wouldn't go through.

Any trader can legally offer goods at any price they choose to, any potential purchaser has got a choice between "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT".

I fail to see why the platforms things are offered for sale on should employ anyone to monitor for procedures that are obviously quite fair when understood, especially as psychiatric help is available, totally free via the NHS, to anyone choosing the "TAKE IT" option.

Golfforall15 days ago

Same on EBay , cheaper (fees wise) just to raise the price to an unfeasible amount when they run out of stock . Then lower back down to a normal price when they have stock again . Would cost more to end the listing then relist when they have stock again .

Not a scam (who would be that daft ! to buy at that price ) . Thought everyone knew about this practise ? Or am I and davidstockport the only ones ?

JoTarpley15 days ago

I bought something off an ebay seller a couple of years ago, it was something like £16, I went to place a repeat order and found the price had gone up to £100, I messaged them to ask if it was a mistake and they said no, the item had been discontinued and was going to be hard to get hold of!! x

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