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Android keyboard bugs


Hey everyone,

I know a lot of you are struggling with commenting/typing with your Android phones at the moment.

Unfortunately it’s quite a tough bug to fix as it doesn’t happen on all Android phones. I’ve got an old Android phone where everything is working fine and a new Android phone (running the latest version of Android) where, annoyingly, everything is also working fine!

For everyone having trouble it’d be great if you could try:

  • Updating to the latest version of Android: Go to Settings —> About phone —> System updates
  • Updating to the latest version of Chrome: Open Play Store —> Search “Chrome” —> Click “Update” (if available)

Then go back to the LD website and refresh the page. If it’s working: great, if not please try:

  • Check what Keyboard you’re using: Go to Settings —> Languages & Input —> Virtual Keyboard.
  • Please comment below with what Keyboard you have selected.

You can try also going to the Play Store, searching for “Google Keyboard” and installing and using the default Google Keyboard if you don’t already have and/or use the default keyboard.

If you tried changing to the Google keyboard please try commenting again and let me know if it worked 🙂

If you’re still struggling, please could you open Chrome and type “chrome://version” in the address bar. Please then comment with what’s next to:

  • “Google Chrome” - for example, on my phone it is: 59.0.3071.125 (official build) (32-bit)
  • “OS:” - on my phone it is: Android 7.0.0; Moto C Build/NRD90M.043

That lets me know exactly what combination of software your phone is on in the hope I can reproduce the bug myself and get to the bottom of it.

The commenting software is the same used on Facebook’s Messenger.com website. Whilst they’re aware of the Android issues and intend to fix them they haven’t got around to it yet and so I’m hoping I can work out a solution myself.

Thanks for all your help in getting to the bottom of this pesky bug!

4 years ago
What do you think of this?
Bargainfinder4 years ago

Thankyou for the guidance Kelsey I will follow the mentioned steps and see how it works and will report back

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