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Anyone Thinking of Buying a Nintendo 3DS XL? Read This.



The 3DS at this point is pretty much dead, but it has a fantastic library of games and the 3D effect can be impressively good.

However, on the old 3DS models the 3D effect is off and nauseating. I mean, while it is unfocused, you can make it work by standing your eyes in a straight position so you can enjoy the 3D experience. I bought an old 3DS XL for like £37 and for that, I don't mind that the 3D effect isn't as good as on the New 3DS.

As such, if you're going to buy a 3DS and an XL model, go for the New 3DS (one way to tell is the name "New", the other is that it has two analog thumbs).

P.S. Hacking a 3DS isn't hard and you can play all games for "free" by doing it, but that's piracy so it's up to each one's moral compass.

14 days ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBanana14 days ago

Another way to play is with the citra emulator which does have native 3D support so if you have a 3D TV, 3D projector or VR headset you can play the games emulated that way and they have upscaling.

Original Poster
13 days ago

Citra is playable on actual 3DTVs/VR? That's news to me and that's way better than playing on a 3DS, for sure!

I have a 128GB card in my 3DS though I can't find enough games to make use of the left over space I have (66GB). lol

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