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What is your opinion on Apple in general and the fact they keep bringing out new technology for very high prices? I feel like years ago Apple used to take it slow and make a huge thing for launching a new product. Like the AirPods isn’t there 3 versions like really...

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBanana7 months ago

They are premium products for sure but for me headphones are an easy product to assess and that is which has the best sound quality and airpods certainly don't achieve that they can be beaten by products for a fraction of the price. I still prefer physical cables anyway so no charging or limited runtime.

MumOfThree7 months ago

There's better out there for the price I'm my opinion plus there are easily lost!!

LenoirLenoir7 months ago

I do like my Apple phone and I’d definitely go for an iPad. but I do agree with you. They just keep on launching products that they’ve upgraded by doing very limited things too. It’s silly. With things like AirPods I’d rather get a cheap pair, like you say... they’d probably get lost

KirsteyJames7 months ago

They have got the airpods, then a newer version if the airpods and an upgraded wireless charging case and then the air pods pro. We all had replicas from Turkey last year and thought they were good. I bought my son real airpods for xmas and you can definately tell the difference in build quality, connection and sound. So much so my wife now wants a pair 🙊 i want the pro version for noise cancellation because i have sensory issues, need to go to apple to try them first because im funny with things in my ears.

hspexy7 months ago

I’m a fan of most Apple products, mainly for its usability, but anything Apple is very expensive. Sooner or later their customers will find cheaper alternatives that work just as well

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