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Arrested Development - Season 5, "Part 2" (Episodes 09-16)


I loved the first two (even the third) original seasons of Arrested Development, but the Netflix Seasons 4 and 5 as much as they tried were never anywhere near as solid as the original run.

It's nice to see the Bluth family all together again but the character development, comedy, plot, quality/placement music, nicely wrapped up episode endings and natural narration have kind of vanished due to rushing it all.

This video on YouTube covers it too and I'd recommend watching it.

Also, this seems a running issue with other series that were revived on Netflix and just pale in comparison to the original seasons (i.e. Trailer Park Boys - Seasons 1-7 vs Netflix Seasons 8-12).

By the way, Season 6 of Arrested Development was apparently cancelled. Thank God!

5 months ago
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