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This is Art?


A Tennis Girl showing her butt is apparently art but a "male" butt isn't, how does that even work?

If you want to see the two pictures side by side, skip to 9:09 on this video below:

I'm not much of an artsy guy but I do appreciate when there's photographs, statues and the likes that makes me cherish and hope it's preserved. However, this whole thing is somewhat confusing.

I'll admit, it's more pleasing to see the Tennis Girl than the latter.😆

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
JandE862 years ago

well probably a lady's body is more artful than a man's is.. 😃 peace! but then in my personal opinion both man and woman's body are both artful! woman have the soft curves and swells while a man's have this stronger swerves.. 😃

alenaleigh03122 years ago

For it is art when the situation or place or theme is for artistic purpose. Like u see naked people because they are modelling in an exhibit or art events. But seeing naked in the public like in the market, on the playground lol may be it is a different thing.

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