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August Already. What Have You Achieved so Far?

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Have you done anything amazing in the last six months. Unfortunately our family has had a bad start to the year but I did get to Australia for a month. Hopefully the second half will bring more happiness and adventures.

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
sarahgreen151 year ago

This question makes me sad... because i feel like when i was younger i achieved so much more than i do now... but, i try to look at it as “i’ve paid off another 7 months of my mortgage, i’ve been with my partner another 7 months, i‘ve still got my job, i’ve still got both my dogs“... i remember at new year’s i wanted to make sure I went on more nights out with friends and take more photos... I have achieved that 😂 #lowambitions

KirsteyJames1 year ago

We havent had the best year health wise but things seem to be good at the moment. Weve got our 2 week family holiday to Turkey in 4 weeks, rugby season is starting back for my son, my daughter is turning 2 in November and then weve got xmas. The best is yet to come 💪🏻

MrsCraig1 year ago

Sorry that you've had a tough start to the year, we've not had it easy these last 7 months either, so I can sympathise. I haven't done anything amazing in my opinion, although my son has reached a few firsts so I'm proud of that.

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