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Banned retailers from Latest Deals?


Is there a list of such a thing to be wary of which retailers to avoid with a reason?

HUKD sometimes bans retailers but gives no reason as to why until a common user speaks up or needs to ask a staff member. Shouldn't be necessary to ask - it should be stated why. But, that's a HUKD problem.

What do you think of this?
Kelsey7 months ago

Hi Rockman

We don't have any such list yet but starting one would be a good idea! Perhaps as a stopgap we could use this topic to discuss any potentially dangerous retailers?

We have a different approach to HUKD in that we don't have a white-list or pre-approved retailers. Instead - any retailer can be shared on LD. We'll only ban a retailer if they turn out to be up to no good (e.g. they're a scam site and don't actually sell what they say).

I very much like the idea that any ban list should come with a reason or some rationale for the ban. I'd be up for that! :thumbsup:

Tom7 months ago

Good idea. I did start a list here of all the sites that are marketing / phishing scams


Dread6 months ago

> HUKD sometimes bans retailers but gives no reason as to why

That is because HUKD ban retailers who don't give them money and come to an agreement to advertise for them. They obviously don't want to admit in public how corrupt the site is.