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What was your best day out as a child?


my best day was going to southport on the train with all my family and i remember it was my first time i played crazy golf which i ended up crying coz i couldnt do it ... we then went to the fun fair and and we was all given our own money and was told we could go on anything but we had to ask and as a family we would walk to the ride and stand and wait till we could get on the ride ... the big dipper was old and rickery and u had to be a certain hieght ,,i just managed to get on ... wow it was amazing the buzz i got when u could feel the wheels bumpy on the track it was fabulous we all screamed all the way round ..., after getting off the ride we had a game of bingo and i won and got a ticket so we could get a prize ... i picked a red n white teddy with black eyes that when u moved the teddy it moved its eyes ... i kept that teddy for 15 years n it ended up all tatty

5 months ago
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