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Bonfire Night


what are you doing for bonfire night ? are u all going to a display or are u having a few at home ? sorry but im a hater i really hate the things and feel so sorry at all the animals x i think they should be banned except for exhibitions thats it n those thats selling to kids need locking up

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
ACR10 months ago

Sadly, I didn't do anything Halloween related on the day. I do like a good fireworks display, but not the crowds when you're trying leave at the end of a big organised event. Where I live it's not that unusual to hear fireworks going off at anytime of the year 🎆

Tasha04210 months ago

Yes I agree with you. They should be for displays only. I hate them too and it's not fair on kids and animals that random people let them off all year round at any time they like. I don't get how you're not allowed to honk a car horn in a built up area in the evening but fireworks are fine 😬

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