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Should You Buy the New Ipad Pro???

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Well you should purchase it becuase i has got a new a new chip


it also has new features like facial recognition

The bad part about the new ipad pro is that it can bend very easily

Overall i think that you should purchase it but you could get a cheaper on for £500

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
MeestairChrees2 months ago

I definitely won't be. Apple is so overpriced and not customisable enough. So I'd say no, you shouldn't buy it.

TheChimp2 months ago

I wouldn't buy anything from Apple to be honest.

AliceBell644682 months ago

Maybe, if I had loads of money to spare. As much as I don’t like how much Apple charge for their products and how often they release new ones, I do love their iPhones and will always get an iPhone on contract not buy it outright!

BonzoBanana2 months ago

I think it has very modest gains over the 2018 model at least for the main CPU. You can get far more powerful hardware for far less money on the android platform and of course could get a very powerful laptop for that based on Ryzen CPU's. It really depends on what you want but this Apple platform is based on more modest hardware. I've mucked about with Apple products that I've bought cheap s/hand mainly and quite like them but like most premium products there are huge diminishing returns. Also android is just a far better software eco-system, cheaper and supported by a far wider range of hardware. I prefer to buy software on android knowing that in ten years time I can probably still use the software on hardware then.

pato2 months ago

The only apple products that I'll buy are Cox's Orange Pippins.

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