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lots of businesses and factories in China are still closed, so I guess this has been good news for some local businesses

most of the factories near me shut decades ago, with the few remaining often struggling to get customers to keep afloat. Perhaps their fortunes are changing...although I suspect China will be back in business soon enough, but this time using robots to ensure this never happens again

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBanana1 month ago

Most manufacturing will be in low cost countries it's up to the government and individuals to try to keep as much manufacturing here as possible but if we don't achieve that in my opinion the government should never borrow we should live within our means and not create debt for our children or their children which I believe is morally wrong. If the people of today are idiots sending most of their money abroad those should be the people effected by their decisions surely. Yes it's horrible when public services are cut and people will die but many more people will die due to debt as you are also paying the interest on that debt which reduces public services even more. At the moment every year about £2k is spent for every income tax payer just to service the debt without paying the debt of. The UK needs to devalue its currency so exports are more competitive and imports are more expensive it will mean effectively we become much poorer but it will help create far more manufacturing jobs here and when imports become much more expensive we are forced to manufacture more products ourselves and grow more crops.

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