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What stores do you buy little things from. I use aliexpress and have recently come across vova which is great. Which stores do you like best?

15 days ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend15 days ago

Wilko are very good with there prices. I buy from them. Poundland which are very good. Superdrug I by from them all the time. The works. You can get 3 story books for £5.00. I buy a lot from this place. Every thing £5.00. Which I do buy a lot from. It's very good stuff. At the monment they got a sale on. The other one I use a lot is £10.00 or less. And because I knit and sew. I buy a lot from hobycrafe. I've never heared of aliexpress and vova what kind of shops are they. All these shops I told you about are very reliable. I've had no trouble with them. And I buy a lot from Amazon. And because I got pets I buy from jollys pet shop. 🐧

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