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Cheapest Countries to Fly to in January

Money Saving

Many people have the New Year's resolution to travel more in January, so I thought it be interesting to see which countries are cheapest to travel to in this month.

By that I mean looking at average flight prices for each location and picking out countries for which January is the cheapest time to go:


I used flight price history data from Momondo.co.uk, which provides useful graphs from London to each place. You could also do the same with Google Flights and Kayak.co.uk.

I like Momondo because it provides these useful graphs, which I then put into a big spreadsheet:

Bari, Italy:


Detroit, USA:


Riga, Latvia:


It was amazing to find that in some instances, the difference between the cheapest month and the most expensive was 78%!

Using this information, I've booked a little holiday to Barcelona which ended up being even cheaper than the average. 😀

Making sure you book at a cheap time of year is really important to make your travel budget go further.

How do you see this on Momondo?

Here's an example... Search for a location and then scroll down:

Hope this helps anyone wanting to travel more in 2020!

2 months ago
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