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Christmas Deals? Really?

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So on the news today it said, that people are going to get up to 50 percent off most high street shop goods near Christmas eve

Are you going to risk and wait that long? or do you shop in advance?

Do you regret your shopping choices you've made thinking you have a good deal?

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
blacklabrador4 months ago

I think it would take nerves of steel to leave it so late on the off chance of picking up bargains.

I'm very happy that all my gifts are bought and wrapped and ready to go.

TiaTia4 months ago

I think that I would be totally stressed out if I left shopping until Christmas Eve, what if you went to get that gift and it was out of stock? 😱

I don't regret anything that I buy as I've usually well thought about it before taking the plunge and buying it.

Mines always done and wrapped well before Christmas, takes the stress out of it and you can look forward to treating yourself to some bargains in the sales. 😁

MeestairChrees4 months ago

I get stressed out if I've not finished by December. Certainly wouldn't leave it until the day before! I make sure I never pay full price, so no regrets.

LenoirLenoir4 months ago

I’m happy with my choices. Anything else I get is a bonus. I don’t intend shopping Christmas Eve tho!

BonzoBanana4 months ago

I remember reading in the past of a family that exchange presents on News Years Day rather than Christmas Day just because they believed it would save a lot of money with the Boxing day sales etc. However it really depends on what you want as popular items sell out and often sale items are less popular although this depends on how much stock the retailer bought.

You probably could leave it to the last minute for minor gifts, stocking fillers but major presents would be a bit risky.

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