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ok everyone what is the budget you spend on your kids at xmas do yous have a budget

do you have a list you stick by

is there ever amount to much to spend on them

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
BlueOrchid2 months ago

I suppose it depends how old your kids are, what they're into and your own financial possibilities...I wouldn't go into debt for it just for one day but sadly I know some people who do...for the families who are strapped for cash they can apply for some government loan to help with xmas I think its £600 I don't really know the terms of repayment or something.

I tend to pick up bits and pieces on sale through the year for everyone else. I got "presents" box with gift sets etc so I could grab something for birthdays or xmas without costing a fortune.

As for kids presents it changes all the time their needs and wants. My son is 7 and other one is a baby. For 7yr old I tend to get gifts to keep him active - a scooter, a bike etc..but he already has it all so last year for xmas he got switch with a few games. It works great because he can play on it while my hubby plays on his xbox etc.this year he has been dreaming about electric scooter they can be around £100 + . I'm not with his dad anymore so I do spoil him to compensate for rubbish presents from his dad. And the baby will get a play gym which I bought on sale months ago😂

I tend to get one bigger present and few bits such as favourite books etc. But I dont go nuts and buy him 100's presents costing thousands.

Every family and parent is different.

Ann19842 months ago

Each year its what can be afforded never done Xmas on credit like some do. I set max of 250 each and if can't afford then it could be alot less. I also explained to kids that's budget and not once have they said but my friend Katie up the road is having a new dog or newest iPhone.

MrsCraig2 months ago

Last year for Christmas we didn't buy our son anything. He was only 1 so didn't really understand. He got presents from him grandparents and friends so he had things to open on the day but he didn't understand.

This year we have got him a few toys. We aren't going overboard as his birthday is the month before. I was lucky enough to win a £50 gift voucher for ELC so I bought his Christmas presents with that. I don't plan to spend anymore than that as he is only 2 and still doesn't quite understand. Plus he will get presents from his grandparents and from our friends.

I think it is down to your personal circumstances what you spend. We have never gone into debt just for Christmas and I certainly never will. There was one year our family didn't get Christmas presents from us due to personal circumstances but they completely understood. I think you should spend what you can afford. When I was young we got a main present and some wee ones, that's what I will be doing for our son.

It just depends on your circumstances.

Imnotcheap2 months ago

I have a spreadsheet on phone with a budget for Christmas and birthday for my fella and kids try to keep it fair

AgnesFaludi2 months ago

I have ideas.

I am going to buy books, because we have lots of toys....and I already started.

I did not set a budget, but try to get everything on sale.

lilyflower2 months ago

ChristinaWright I always had a budget, that being £100/child and it was always enough, 2 main presents, (1Santa and 1Mum & Dad) 1 stocking and a 'sack' of items from £1 shop. We also used to sort toys no longer needed and they would 'shout to the Elves to come and get them' as Santa can't afford new toys for everyone. I'd then sell them to fund the new ones 🙂 I still don't spend more than £100 and they are grown up.

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