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Christmas Tree Decoration Colours?


mine are white and pink with a huge topper made of white silver and pink feathers and fern sprayed silver ... its lovely when up ive only got a few lil ornaments im thinking of a nice garland over the fire . i also have a bow on my front door and a wreath all made from toulle that my friend makes x

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend10 months ago

My colour is going to be blue and sliver for the the Christmas tree dinning room tree is going to be sliver and red. And tree in the bathroom is going to be sliver and green. I put up some balloons up. Candles around not a real candle. These that looks like candles. I've so all go three small trains that go around the bottom of each tree. I put tinsel around the pictures. Can't put any thing around the fire like a garland because my fire is open and is to dangers . I have a tiny Christmas tree in the kitchen and my bedroom. 🎄🎄🎅🤶

SarahPrice10 months ago

I bought a 7ft white christmas tree from tesco for £4 after christmas last year so im going with white, silver and ice blue decorations. We have several real christmas trees growing in the garden so we put warm white lights on them as well.

MrsCraig10 months ago

I have no decorations really! We have a santa candle holder, a lightbox and a small tree made of pine cones. We have never made a big deal of Christmas. My mum has some of the most gorgeous decorations, as does my mother in law. I imagine that one day they will be handed down to me.

AgnesFaludi10 months ago

I got 2 sets now.....red and silver and the other is white and gold, so I can do red and gold or silver and white too. Just buy every year some pieces and now I have 2 big boxes full.

LouCritt10 months ago

I have clear glass with Christmas figurines in them and add coulor with tinsel 🙂

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