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Contacting a Private Landlord

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Anyone know of any way to contact a private landlord re antisocial tenants google not being very helpful? They have a howling dog plus the noise issues i previously mentioned have persisted. They are also having blazing fights which last hours and have been going on for at least 6 months, At my witts end frankly TIA

7 months ago
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DannySpeed7 months ago

When you say, contacting a private landlord, is it you or them who are renting, if it's you then you have to go through your agent if you have one as the landlord does not have the contract with you, the agency does. If it is them, then you can ask the council who it is owns the property. You could ask around too, and see who owns it, by asking neighbours etc. If its the council, just go to your local council offices. More details needed I'm afraid for a more in-depth answer.

SalmaS7 months ago

I'm in the same position as you my neighbours have moved in last year the got the house on rent. They make a lot of noise at night don't let me go to sleep, they're racist as well. Scared to say anything to them, don't want to make matters worse. To top it up there garden stinks as the don't throw the bins out they just throw all their left overs in the back garden including nappies. Sickening just hope they move out.

KirstyW7 months ago

If its noise can you contact the council? If you have cincerns about fhe dog can always contact rspca. Sometimes private landlords go through agencies.

Ann19847 months ago

Council Best way they will fit a noise device and it will be recorded if children there also social rspca for dog the council will also record this noise too plus police for anti social behaviour

KirsteyJames7 months ago

Best way to do it is through the council as then its anonymous if you phone the landlord directly then they will just more than likely tell the tenants you phoned which cause problems.

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