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Daily competition section?



Could there be a section under competitions for daily competitions? By this, I don't mean the daily option that's already there, as that shows you the actual competitions that can be entered on a daily basis.

I mean a section where you can go to access the websites that have 'loads' of daily competitions such as Whats on Tv, House Beautiful, Good Home and so on as well as click to win websites such as Take a Break and Win Toys.

Just an idea.


What do you think of this?
carolyncoll7 months ago

Good idea. UKCompetitions, The Prizefinder.com, Loquax, HotUKDeals - all have competitions posted.

Tom7 months ago

Hey carolyncoll have you see our competitions section here?


Tom7 months ago

Hey kayleigh39 thank you for your suggestion! We'll have a think about how something like that would work