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Do any of you have any bad dating stories?

My friend signed me up for a well known rate my mate kinda deal after meeting her current boyfriend through it. They were head over heels after only a few months and she was bringing him to a function to meet everyone later that month.

Straightway I matched with a really cute guy who seemed genuine if a bit keen. I complained to my mate who said this was why I was single so feeling brave I said yes to Mr Keen. Met at a bar- he lived out of town. He was really full on and a bit sleazy making sure I knew he had booked a room! Erm hello- first date?? He kept dodging a call when we were at the bar. As he tried to turn phone off I joked that his mum must be missing him and went to playfully grab his phone. He lunged at me so I answered the phone as I had bad vibes . It was his girlfriend. Sound familiar? No literally, she sounded familiar. It was my bestie. The rat had kept his account live and didnt know we knew each other, I bet there were dozens of other girls.

14 days ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig13 days ago

Oh my god, your poor friend! I don't have any bad date stories but the worst one I've heard was from one of my colleagues. She was on a first date with a guy that she had met online. During the date the guy and there is no other way to put it, s**t himself! Needless to say it didn't go any further.

Lynibis13 days ago

Long story short. Blind date arranged to meet at local pub but friend and her hubby were concerned for my safety so insisted they would be in the pub too. They were in situ when he and I arrived and straight away he said let's leave your car here and go down the road to next pub. Panic stations, luckily friend watching out, grabbed her bag and hubby (who had just bought a pint) and followed us. Met in loo in next pub but later same thing happened and once again they chased us down the road leaving behind another full pint.

Finally arrived back at first pub where he opened the boot of his car and presented me with a wilted bouquet....well it was a hot August evening.

Friend pulled in and as she saw me get into my car we gave a discreet 👍 and wended our way home. Never saw him again lol.

dholly3913 days ago

oh god thats awful!

i told my date once i had to go (my friend rang to bail me out) and he was like... why? so she was on the phone like... "your dad... hes fallen and stuck under a bus" and i panicked and repeated it... kinda think he knew i was lying lol.

Lynibis13 days ago

Story number two. Btw both stories from the 80s so no mobile phones.

Getting ready to be picked up by a blind date with both young sons watching out the window anxious to see him arrive. When he did and got out car oldest son shouted, cor mum, he ain't half short. I just laughed and second son called, mum he's bald!

As I told them to be quiet they both said, as he neared the window, he's got a right big nose! I laughed as I opened the door......to find a short, bald bloke with a big nose standing on my doorstep!!!

We spent the evening standing in a crowded pub, him stretching to full height and me trying to keep knees bent to appear shorter, before driving back home in his old banger smelling of dogs and covered in their hair.

He got it right when he said 'I don't suppose you would be interested in another date?'. I politely declined and next morning found a rose on the doorstep, I felt bad but glad he didn't pursue it!

Glitterandgold13 days ago

My friend went on a coffee date with a guy, except he worked in a fish factory & he stunk of fish. She spent the whole date trying not to gag 🤢

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