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Diamond Painting


It seems to have gotten really popular but I’m not sure really sure how it’s done? is it tiny dots of paints put onto like a grid?

id love to know if you would recommend it as a calming activity to give me something else to do.

if you didn’t know - we have an Arts & Crafts budget group on Facebook you can join — http://ldeals.uk/crafts

2 weeks ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis2 weeks ago

You need the patience of a saint. There are many tutorials on YouTube which is how I learnt how to do it having been given one by my son to fill my spare 'covid' time.

You have a tiny penlike tool which picks up very tiny pieces of diamond shape (hence the name) beads which you then place carefully on a grid. Different colour beads go on different colour squares on the picture. They are all coded so you know what goes where.

I recommend just typing in diamond painting tutorial on YouTube and go from there, lots of pictures on sale on Amazon, some as little as £3.99.

MelanieMason2 weeks ago

From what I've seen the patterns are like a cross stitch grid u then stick tiny diamonds to the sticky surface which are labels like a paint by numbers. Seems fiddly, takes ages and agree with above, you need lots of patience and dont knock over the diamond tray or try do do it around little ones 😂😂 they look really pretty when they are done

lynneh2 weeks ago

It’s good. It’s therapeutic. But do it on a high raised surface. For some reason me looking down on it gave me a little euch feeling. Same with jigsaws...

ladybugncatnoir2 weeks ago

The amount of patience needed for them is crazy! I was going to get one until I realised just how long it would take

rossruby19772 weeks ago

I don’t have much patience for fiddly stuff however I found this very therapeutic. Once I got into it, it got easy. Just get a cheap one to trial it out. I would recommend it.

It isn’t as hard or as fiddly as it looks.

But yes don’t know over trays etc. If you plan it out you will be ok.

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