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Difference between Free Range Organic Meat and Free Range Meat

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Is there a taste difference?

Is free range organic meats more healthier?

The terms "organic" and "free-range" have become increasingly popular labels on both agricultural and animal food products. "Organic" refers to a set of growing and raising standards instituted by the government, focusing heavily on the avoidance of synthetic chemicals and food sources for animals, and mandating a certain amount of outdoor access. "Free-range," by contrast, does not address food sources or chemicals, but solely the fact that animals have the ability to access the outdoors.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi2 months ago

Organic should mean that the animal does not eat nasty chemicals...free range, that it is running around the farm.

That means that some free range is not organic.

I personally do not care much about this...because my grandfather was head of agriculture and he never believed in organic first place. Always told us that the plants and animals even get effected if the land next to them has chemicals. I think he was right about it.

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