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Different Names for Dishes

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What Regional names do you have for well known dishes- or anything?!

Got me thinking when I was dreaming about cheesy chips and gravy - grrr this diet! In school thats what we called it which I am told is my northern roots showing (proud). Anyways my London friend sent me a link for it and apparently its called Poutine. Admittedly its easier to slur after 1 too many in the chippy but im guessing no one would understand my order.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
gaelle05012 months ago

Poutine is the word for it in Quebec. I had a colleague from Quebec years ago who told me it's a traditional dish there. They use cheese curd instead of cheese. I do like cheesy chips and gravy too. Not had a traditional poutine though!

KirsteyJames2 months ago

I thought poutine was canadian. I like gravy and chips and i like cheesy chips but cant say i would have both together. I havent seen it on any menus here in Wales but a lot of places sell chips cheese and beans which i love 😍

Glitterandgold1 month ago

I grew up on a dish called panackalty in Newcastle, it's basically a stew made with corned beef, carrots, onions & gravy with layered potatoes on top. So delicious. Hardly anyone outside of North East knows it tho I think.


hspexy1 month ago

I’ve never called it poutine. That sounds like a French word. It’s just chips and gravy for me. I like cheese over nachos or other crunchy snacks

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