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Is Disney + worth the Subscription?

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I got the free trial and have since paid 2 month subscription but we literally never use it because they hardly ever update it! Has anyone got any recommendations of what to watch on there?

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
ACR2 months ago

I wouldn't mind watching The Mandalorian, but I'm still not planning to sign up. I'm not a huge Disney fan and I already own the films I enjoy on Blu-ray. Plus, I don't like they have been been censoring/changing content, such as digitally altering the film Splash (1984) or removing a sequence from Toy Story 2.

Nino7862 months ago

Depends if your into Disney or Marvel, there is a lot of content, so you will not get bored that's for sure.

Mummy182 months ago

I would say so. You can have up to 7 accounts on there too. Up to 4 of the accounts can watch their choice of films or programmes at the same time too

loveglitches2 months ago

There’s a 7 days free trial, you can cancel it after free trial, and you can see it yourself if it’s worth for you. I liked it and would pay , loads of mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse .The only problem was that the screen on some was jumping and not sure why .Thats why didn’t signed up yet .

eyeballkerry2 months ago

I’m lucky as someone else in another household pays so I get it for free. But to be honest hardly watched in lockdown. I don’t have young children, not sure that would make a difference. I also have Netflix for free and Amazon prime. All this choice but land up watching programmes I have previously recorded.

LeighReidAtanas2 months ago

My husband bought it supposedly for our 3 year old and had been binge watching all of the Star Wars series, I have only really used it to watch frozen 1&2 with my son. O2 were doing a good deal with 6 month free if you sign up.

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