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Does Anyone Else Struggle with Abstract Questions on Competitions?

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Being mildly autistic, answering abstract questions is something I have always had difficulty with, and that of course includes on competitions. You know the questions such as: "Why would you like to win this prize?", "Tell us about your best holiday and what made it so great", "Tell us about your most weird and wacky Christmas ever and how so"... and so on.

I personally steer clear of those types of comps for that reason, unless it states in the terms and conditions that winners are chosen at random rather than having the most creative answer.

26 days ago
What do you think of this?
Leesha8626 days ago

I agree, I also find those sorts of questions off putting. I feel like the winners of comps with those types of questions will always go to the person with the biggest sob story. I like a simple question that I can google the answer to 🤣

Ceebers25 days ago

I agree, I prefer to answer competitions with factual answers. I am not entering so many comps these days. There are so many people entering and therefore your chances are much lower.

I am sticking to surveys and research where you get paid for your time. I also apply for freebies, but only the ones I really want.

Grannyclock25 days ago

Ceebers I’m with you there. The chances of winning are so slim that it often seems a waste of time. My personal favourite pastime is hunting for cashback freebies.

gerrykelly2525 days ago

I agree, I find them off putting and tend not to enter them. However, these competitions probably have much better odds of winning as fewer will apply. Maybe we should push ourselves in 2021?!

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