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Does Anyone Fly First or Business Class?


I usually buy economy tickets for short haul flights but for long haul flights I prefer first class for the leg room.

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
Johnny2 years ago

I would only fly first or business class if someone else was paying, if I was too big and wide to fit into an economy seat, or if I was very rich with money to burn.

For example, a return economy flight from London to Singapore in April 2019 costs about £650 with British Airways. A First Class return ticket costs about £3,150, i.e £2,500 more. The flight takes about 13 hours.

In some countries in SE Asia you can rent a beautiful two bedroom apartment overlooking the beach with a communal swimming pool and gym for £300 a month.

I’d be happy to trade a few hours discomfort in Economy Class (saving £2,500) for 8 months rental of a beachside apartment (cost £2,400) or for a week's holiday in a swanky hotel at £300+ a night.

Alternatively fly economy and book a seat next to the exit door with more leg room.

Or book three or four economy seats in a row for yourself, enjoy even more room than in first class, lie down, stretch out, and still save money.

If you do book a row of seats to yourself:

a) do your reseach and make sure the armrests go up!

b) check in each seat

c) carry a printed boarding pass for all of your seats and check them all in at the gate, so that the airline system recognises all your seats as checked in and occupied (and doesn’t give them away to stand-by passengers!)

d) tell the cabin crew you've paid for the row when you board

e) keep your ticket stubs to hand to prove that you have paid for the row. Once the plane takes off people may start looking for better seats, and may want to occupy your empty third seat!

You can quickly identify the best and worst seats on a particular flight using SeatGuru.com.

On some planes for example the rear two or three rows where the tail of the plane narrows only have two seats instead of the normal three. These 'twin seats' are a lot more comfortable (and private) if you are flying as a couple, and the window seat has a lot more elbow room than usual. Don’t choose the very back row – the seats may not fully recline and you’ll have people milling about waiting to use the loo.

If I was a lot richer, I’d definitely choose to fly Business or First Class. The trouble is I always have a better use for the money!

Or maybe I’m just tight. 😊

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