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Does Anyone Support Charities Saving Food from Landfill


we have a café near us that cooks up all the food left over from supermarkets and has a pay as you feel meal to use it all up. I think this is great and I defo support it. is there something similar near you or would you consider starting one up

14 days ago
What do you think of this?
Jamala13 days ago

What a great idea. Around us three of the big supermarkets and several smaller chains supply out of date food for the soup kitchens daily runs for the homeless which is brilliant. Slightly different but there is also a cafe in town where you pay a bit more for a coffee and food, but the extra goes to providing a hot drink and sandwich for any homeless person who turns up at the door.

Original Poster
13 days ago

that is a very worthwhile thing to do and I would happily support that but I think we need to do more to save food from landfill. it is crazy the amount of food we waste

Yahya13 days ago

Yes my local foodbank & my favourite Olio app. Collect food destined for the bins at least 3 times a week. This week I've managed to pick up "Pret a manager" sandwiches, sealed breakfast tubs, chicken curry & sealed baked beans!

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