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Does Your Family Oversea's Think You Have Lots of Money?

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Does your family oversea's think you have lots of money because you live in UK??

As I've lived in UK most of my life, my family think I have LOTS of money.

They seem to think as soon as you step in the UK your rich!

I know life is easier in the UK, rather then Africa, or China but it doesn't make you have LOTS & LOTS of money in your bank account living in UK.

They always expect me to send them things, & when I VISIT, they expect I've got them lots of big stuff...

Sorry but when I have I don't mind giving or helping but when I go back home, the ticket is ALWAY so expensive that there is only alittle money for me to spend & I obviously stay with family not in a hotel.

Otherwise it would be alot harder for me to visit them.... So if I give I usually it's sometime small, I don't have a big income.

They seem to forget I have bills to pay,

they forget if there is something to fix in your house you may need to buy certain things.

They forget am in a colder county so there is a thing called heating.

Cleaning spray, air refreshener, washing up liquid & so on.

All cost me money, if I need a new hoover, clothes, handbag, fridge, kettle, rice cooker all this is not free.

I don't buy expensive stuff, so that helps but I am not rich but I am to them.

This gets on my nerves sometimes! & I want to say something but don't because they will never understand.

13 days ago
What do you think of this?
lornaae12 days ago

If it's bothering you, perhaps talk to them about how you feel and explain all of what you just said. Must be difficult having that pressure.

Original Poster
12 days ago

Trust me, I have spoken to afew family members who have a softer personality.

They look at me as if I've gone crazy 😂 😂 😂

They'll never believe, my family is African.

Stubborn headed...

I just let it slide off my mind when it comes into my thoughts... I've learnt to switch off my thought like turning the T.V.

I can't handle the stress, I know it can bring.

So I don't let it borther me too much.

Thing is yeah it is stressful if I am about to go & see them.

My mind is then focused

Nadiaparveen11 days ago

OmG yes in the Asian culture I think everyone abroad thinks we in the UK live in golden houses with rubber roads 🤭 .. I had someone request 100 to help towards a charity which is very noble but he doesn't realise how much of a struggle it is here and especially being furloughed from a part time job.. I remember having 4 jobs and I still couldn't manage .. I think they see UK as a well established developed mega rich country with beautiful shiny cars and tall buildings everywhere.. 🤭🤭 I agree with the tickets too it can get embarrassing as you have to save up a lot just for that ticket .. and family and friends be like .. just book a flight and come over as though we are loaded 😎😂 Another thing they do in Asian cultures is expect to be tipped when you arrive at the airport .. if you go abroad and they find out your British.. they try to rip you off and if you don't know anything about the local living you will end up losing your money.

Nadiaparveen11 days ago

Also it can be the same the other way round .. sometimes we assume others in the third world countries are poor but some are comfortably living.. I do think though there is a huge contrast between the poor and rich living in the same district

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