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Does Life Admin Drive You Crazy


we all seem to spending more and more time just sorting out basic things like getting the correct bill issued for utilities for example. or just getting your money back when you are in credit. drives me nuts

6 months ago
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Lynibis6 months ago

I am, by nature, an organised person. My 3rd bedroom is an office and the desk has a filing section divided into bills, medical, receipts, insurance, banking etc. I am not OCD about it but I do know where I am at most of the time. Every single bill is paid by monthly direct debit and I divide what is left of my monthly income into 4 and never spend more than that in any given week so am never overdrawn or in debt. I have a credit card for emergencies but have never used it.

I do not have the worry of a family to organise so am able to spend time keeping everything up to date. I do sympathise with those who are too busy running a home and looking after kids to devote time to this.

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