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I am absolutely fascinated by dream analysis and love looking up the meaning behind dreams I have - I’ve found them to be incredibly accurate even though you wouldn’t naturally assume a connection between the dream and it’s actual hidden meaning.. but my 16 year old step son told us the other day he had a dream that our dog could lay eggs... he can’t remember anything else from the dream.. would love to know the meaning behind that 🤣 what is everyone’s strangest dreams and do you believe in dream analysis?

1 month ago
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BlueOrchid1 month ago

Sometimes it can be accurate. But mostly it's our unconscious doing overtime... when i was little i used to dream a lot about my school, the stairs breaking under me... especially when i was at my grandmother's place. And it wasnt any hidden meaning just I didnt feel safe there with big dark oak furniture... I usually get vivid weird elaborate dreams quite often. Especially if I watch some action or whatever before bed. Once when I was teenager I dreamt that it was my dads funeral and I stood next to his coffin with 2 children and huge st bernard dog... I was petrified. In your sons case maybe he has problem he's trying to solve and his unconscious is trying to tell him to look for solutions from other unexpected angle


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