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Anyone bought anything off Ebay or Amazon and had something completely different delivered?

My mum has just had a delivery from Ebay yesterday and has asked for a possible refund as what se gor delivered was not what she had ordered and paid for.

a year ago
What do you think of this?
AliceBell64468a year ago

I have had similar issues before, but if she has raised a case with eBay then they should sort it. eBay are normally very helpful whenever I had problems previously.

BonzoBananaa year ago

It's more common the other way round where people return items ordered from ebay and inside it's not the item originally sent. It's a scam because ebay often tracks the return of goods and doesn't care what is returned so authorises the refund however I'm sure it geniunely happens too by mistake when despatching.

With regard Amazon I would say quite common. I've ordered from amazon warehouse and often received completely different items. I ordered a 27.5" mountain bike wheel and received a clearly s/hand 26" wheel that someone had returned to amazon pretending it was the original item they received. I once received a mini photo printer instead of a derailleur and that was definitely a mistake by Amazon warehouse themselves I would of thought. I reckon for every 100 items ordered at Amazon warehouse I get 2-4 items that are wrong. I remember ordering a very cheap microshift derailleur and receiving a much better Shimano derailleur. I mentioned it to Amazon, not as a compliant just to explain I'd received it but without any further responses on my part they refunded it so I ended up with a £30 derailleur for free.

An error with Amazon is often great as their customer service is so great but with ebay it can be a nightmare as they are vile company that operates outside UK law with short warranties and very poor processes.

MeestairChreesa year ago

Yup. And got a refund. In Amazon, send a message. On ebay, start with a message and if you get no refund, open a case against the seller.

hspexya year ago

Yes it tends to happen if you buy a lot online. Things are as they’re described the majority of the time, but if they’re not, I have found that Amazon will always step in to deal with the sellers who don’t resolve the matter. I can’t say the same for eBay - was only fortunate that the seller for one item sorted it out quickly, but ebay‘s customer service is appalling

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