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Planning to switch my energy supplier. Can you suggest good and cheap supplier to select one

10 days ago
What do you think of this?
jenidady9 days ago

Switched to OVO Energy in March after doing a comparison to find a better deal (Money Saving Expert Cheap Energy Club) so they might be worth checking out as so far I’ve been really impressed with them - good communication, have generally been easy to deal with and I’m paying less. I’ve had terrible experiences with N Power and Scottish Power in the past. Not to say you would have the same positive / negative experiences with these companies just something to go on!

nipperjwb9 days ago

I recently switched to bulb and am delighted with them. Great customer service very competitive prices and quick to react to queries. Gold star from me ⭐️

ClaireF19789 days ago

I recently switched to Igloo and I'm very happy with them. You supply a reading every month and each bill is calculated monthly so you keep on top of it a bit more. You pay a monthly direct debit which is a set amount but you earn interest on it at a pretty decent rate if your account is in debit. I would recommend using Uswitch or something similar to find one that's cheapest for you though.

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