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How Far Would You Go for a Free Weekend?


When entering holiday comps I always have a look at the length of stay and see if I'd be willing to drive all that way.

If it's a one night stay and a slap up meal, I often think with the money I'd spend on petrol and the hassle of a long drive I'd be better off treating us to a meal locally. So I guess about a 2 hr drive for that.

There are some lovely holidays in Cornwall and Scotland, but these are a solid days drive for me so I'd need at least two days there to actually enjoy the holiday = 4 nights stay.

I drive a lot for work, so maybe that makes me less inclined to do so on holiday.

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis1 month ago

I agree and I always bypass comps that only offer one night as often you cannot check in until 12 to 2pm and have to vacate by 10am next day. I wouldn't drive more than 90 minutes for a one nighter, 2 to 2.5 hours for two nights as you would have a full day to explore between the drives. The longer the break the longer I would be prepared to drive.

If the one night win was somewhere I really wanted to go I would consider booking an extra night at my own expense as it would then be a cheap break.

ukheather1 month ago

I can't afford a car and trains and buses are too expensive so not far at all lol

gerrykelly251 month ago

It depends on what the prize is - the hotel, facilities, type of meal etc. There have been some comps I have entered where travel was included, or the use of a car for the weekend, or additional spending money.

The furthest I’ve travelled to stay at a prize location was about 3.5 hours. It was an all inclusive spa break.

lornaae1 month ago

I always look at how far they are and weigh that up too before entering, if it's just a one night stay I wouldn't go more than 2 hours, 3 at a push if it's somewhere I'd really like to go

ACR1 month ago

It depends on the prize, but if it's in the UK I'd be willing to go almost anywhere. I would only drive if the location is really out of the way and difficult to reach by train or plane. With some holiday prizes you have the option of extending the trip if you are willing to pay for extra nights.

Pjran1 month ago

I look to see where the prize is. I agree sometimes it’s just too far to travel for one or two nights away. It’s just not worth entering some competitions. Not that I’m lucky.

AliceBell644681 month ago

I would only enter the ones close by to family so I could visit them. I also look for ones which I could give to my parents a gift. I think it is only worth entering if you will make use of it 🙂

SonsOfPitches1 month ago

Doesn't bother me. No kids yet and I'm in the middle of the country. I'd happily drive anywhere for a short break

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