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Flu Vaccine for Kids

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My 11 year old daughter has the flu vacc as ahe has asthma, does anyone know whether me ans my other kids should have it too? We dont have any of the illnesses that normally mean we should have it but because we live with her are we supposed to have it to protect her?

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
SarahHorsfield4 months ago

I would protect the whole family

Think you would be best consulting a medical practitioner really

And at the end of the your legally responsible so it's your choice

MrsCraig4 months ago

You best asking your gp about it. They will be able to tell you the best course of action.

ClaireF19784 months ago

She's had the vaccination so she will be as protected as she can be from it, it shouldn't make any difference to her if the rest of you get the same vaccination. Herd immunity only applies when the vulnerable person is not vaccinated.

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