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Free Coffee at Cafe Nero Has Changed - Now You Have To Buy Cake


Just a heads up that the O2 Priority weekly freebie where you could get a free hot drink at Cafe Nero has changed, now you have to buy some cake or something to get it.

What do you think of this?
nemosays7 months ago

im just testing here as my comments box is not doing anything when clicked on Post

nemosays7 months ago

okit worked here.

AgnesFaludi5 months ago

These deals always changing. In the summer they give free cold drinks, winter free hot drink or buy one the second drink free or you need to buy a cake....hmm chocolate fudge cake or lemon cheesecake is delicious in Nero....

Tom5 months ago


Rockman5 months ago

So it's like Burger King's "free burger" though you still have to buy chips and drink or what have you.

I've permanently stopped from eating at McD, BK, KFC and chicken shops because it's just not very healthy, clean or a good deal either. Subway has become my one to-go place if I ever want to eat while shopping/break or such.

The employees at BK who make the burgers don't even wear gloves so who knows where their hands have been or if their nails are even clean or cut.