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Friday 13th a Week Late


Today is my last day in the office before Christmas (working from home until the 6th), been hating my job more and more each day and as my darling boss hasn't even wished me a Merry Christmas or anything (but gave the guys bottles of wine and bonuses) I decided to empty my desk and drawers just in case I decide not to come back. Bagged everything, went to the car, opened the boot, put the bags in the boot and then watched as a cafetiere fell out and dropped to the ground before smashing into hundreds of little pieces. Cue me kneeling down in the rain picking up tiny bits of glass for 20 minutes, could've been worse, could've been my Supernatural mug I suppose. Pretty sure it's a sign, though not sure what of. Teach me to have a strop at work won't it?

2 months ago
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