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Friday afternoon LD surprises!


Hi all,

We’ve just put a bunch of new features and improvements live thanks to all of your feedback :thumbsup:

:arrow_forward: You can now optionally choose to add an expiration date when you share a deal, voucher code or freebie.

:arrow_forward: After popular request we’ve added the ability to change your username - but be careful as you can only do this once! You can change it by editing your profile

:arrow_forward: You’ll now get a notification whenever someone likes or comments on your deal.

:arrow_forward: Your category choices now stay with you! Choose your favourite categories and every time you visit LD we’ll remember your choices. No more clicking the same categories every time :slight_smile:

:arrow_forward: Old school emojis like : ) and ; ) will now automagically convert into our emojis

:arrow_forward: The “this week’s top” section now updates depending on what categories you’ve chosen and which section you’re in

:arrow_forward: We’ve made LD even more personalisable! (that’s definitely not a word :grin:) - click the cog on the sidebar and choose how deals are displayed, whether or not to include expired deals and to show/hide this week’s top section.

:arrow_forward: Just incase you’re feeling forgetful, you can now login with either your username or your e-mail address

Plus a truckload of bug fixes!

Hopefully you like this latest round of changes. Would be great to hear how you’re finding them - good or bad we’re all ears!

What do you think of this?
1 year ago

kittswillow888 you can change your username now :slight_smile:

Naomi filters now follow you!

Dread1 year ago

Kelsey Great work. Lots of good improvements in there :slight_smile:

1 year ago

Is there a plan to turn off notifications ?

I understand why it's there but I actually prefer not to see if somebody has voted up my deal.

Johnny1 year ago

That's brilliant! Thanks Kelsey. Don't you ever sleep?!

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