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What Game Do You Miss from Childhood?

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Just been looking for presents for my niece and came across guess who! brought back happy memories of Kerplunk and a time when playing twister was still a possibility without a trip to A and E. What games would you bring back?

4 months ago
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Lynibis4 months ago

Well I don't miss any games from childhood because that is where they belong, but I do love scrabble. Hopefully still in fashion. I played this with my granddaughter from the time she was 3/4 but grandsons are not interested. Whenever I try to play old games with kids they are just not interested, all they want is their tech these days.I

I could never resist a jigsaw, but again, they can't see the appeal.

In the playground used to love two ball, Simon says, skipping ropes etc. Oh and jacks and marbles.

ClaireF19784 months ago

I remember one called ghost house that we used to love and game of life and mouse trap. Also can't ever grow out of monopoly

Janhrrs4 months ago

I used to love playing with clackers with my friends, seeing who could keep them going longest, so many bumps, bruises and damaged wrists,lol, no wonder they banned them. I still have mine in the loft and every few years they will turn up when I'm looking for something. I, of course, will reminisce and have to have a go with them. Two minutes later the air is blue and my wrist is very painful 😂

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