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what make the best gift experiences do you think? obviously depends on the individual but as a general experience what do you think are best or if received what did you enjoy the most?

1 month ago
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Username501081 month ago

Totally dependent on the person. I paid for my stepdad to have a 4x4 driving experience, which he loved but I personally wouldn't have enjoyed, especially when he had tk drive at almost a vertical incline over a blind drop. Next week for my birthday I am having a couple of animal experiences where I go in to the enclosures of some rescued foxes and rescued Coatis, some peoples idea of hell, my ideal heaven. Some people would just be happy with a posh afternoon tea, but I can't see the attraction in spending £30 on some sandwiches with the crusts cut off and a couple of cakes. Redletter Day site has some good ideas on it

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