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Glad I'm a Saver!


Took the car for it's service and mot today. Wasn't expecting anything other than a few advisories. Car passed its mot, just! Was told that the back axis/axel whatever it's called was starting to move and needed to be fixed and it would be smart to do it whilst they still had the car! Well that's an extra £280 I wasn't expecting!

So glad we are savers, cause my maternity pay is now finished and it's a big chunk out of our now one income! I now know why dad went on about saving for emergencies and the unexpected!

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend1 year ago

Mrscraig. Since l lost both my mum and dad I've to save every penny. If I need any thing I have to Save for it. At the Monet I am saving for a tv, I've not got a tv that I can watch it's only dvds that I watch. I've had to take my car off the road. Because I could not keep up with petrol mot. But I've a good friend that takes me any were I want to go. And i try and put a bit a side in case i need it. But the cost of living keeps going up and up. Money stays the same. 🤗

Original Poster
1 year ago

Yeah it is tough. We've noticed it more since I've been on maternity and now my maternity pay has stopped will notice it even more. We aren't frivolous with money but as you said cost of living goes up but your money doesn't.

It does help knowing that someone can help you out if you need them too. My husband's granny offered to help us as we will have a big hotel bill and kennel fees when the wee man goes for his operation. We've said no but it was lovely of her to offer.

It's tough losing someone you love, without the added financial pressure it can bring.

I would miss my tv if I didn't have one, hopefully you get one soon. That's a lovely friend you have.

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