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Gloom in UK Manufacturing Deepens

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Gloom in UK manufacturing deepens, with worst outlook for exports in 18 years, CBI survey shows

British manufacturing continues down a gloomy path with expectations for exports in the year ahead the worst in 18 years, according to the CBI’s quarterly Industrial Trends Survey.

4 months ago
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BonzoBanana4 months ago

They were pretty bad before with a huge trade deficit with the EU although I think a small trade surplus with the rest of the world however that was goods and services I believe.

Whatever happens in the future whether we stay in the EU or leave we need to lower the value of the £ and reduce the minimum wage sadly. We can't keep borrowing all the time. There was 1.8 trillion of debt at the beginning of the year and its rising all the time. People seem to think they can buy whatever they like and somehow the NHS etc should still be there, I think the mindset of the UK population needs huge adjustment. We should vote in politicians who have a decent industrial policy and actual skills rather than some idiots that we relate to or like but are totally clueless in what they are doing and just keep resorting to borrowing.

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