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Have you seen the Amazon voucher page?


Amazon have got this secret voucher page where you can get money off loads of products.

You just press "collect voucher" and the discount gets applied at checkout.

Well worth checking out:


p.s. This link only works on the Amazon website - not the Amazon app

What do you think of this?
mojoshorthouse7 months ago

Nice One Tom I Will Check this Out

Rockman7 months ago

Did not know about this feature of Amazon and I've been using it for many years. Kinda disappointed they don't have any vouchers for video games as that's what I'd be interested.

Thanks anyhow! :slight_smile:

Tom7 months ago

Would be too good to be true!

Kelsey7 months ago

Nice! I never knew about this either. Love these hidden pages! :thumbsup:

nemosays7 months ago

ooooh... didnt know this... thanks Tom

Tom7 months ago

Welcome :slight_smile: