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Having Trouble with next with My Deliveries???


i have been having trouble with my deliveries with next ?? been with them for yrs and this year i paid for a yearly subscription £20 for delivery ? when i use to pick my stuff up from the shop it would take 36 hrs to 48 hrs ? the paid normal delivery was the same ? this time it started of ok but then problems started ?my orders were split and sent from to different carriers hermes my usual one was great but the other sent me info the day before which made me think it was coming that day in fact both came the next day 2hrs apart ? i got in touch with next and explained what happened? and told them why did they split the order and making me wait in twice for the same order ? they apologised and said i would get a refund on one delivery ?which could not happen because of my subscription? since black friday sale my order was split into 4 and over a week away i was told they were on there way i got 2 and the bulk of my order that had left the warehouse went astray ? but a email said it was on it way it never came ?i complained and informed them some one had changed the order date ?? they apologised and said i should see my orders soon ? 10 more orders later and the original orders? still no orders ? received a post card in my post from next big xmas advert with the logo saying if we cannot get your orders to you for xmas we will give you the whole order for FREE????? I WAS NOT AMUSED sent a complaint to NEXT ?on the subscription its states all orders will be with you in 7 days except for furniture etc ? since black friday they have been putting on my orders 15dys and my last few orders i have had a countdown to xmas todays order i was promised delivery for 22nd dec ? still not had a reply from my complaint ? the CHAT is not working when it did work it took hours ?they tell you to fill a form and explain the problem and click ? once threw they ask you to write it again ? ? then i was told i was on the wrong chat and put me through deliveries only to be told i needed to talk with herme and then after complaining i was told i would get a call back ?is anyone having the same problem ???thanks if you reply 💀

3 years ago
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